Help B! Become A Wild Flower Child!

Play along trail with Wild Flower Child. A mobile game imparting Banff National Park and Canadian Rockies interdependencies through the lens of a bee, and wildflowers while creating a living map of your adventure.

We have a herbarium full of Living Specimens to interact with and learn from. All that wild flowers have witnessed through the ages, become stories that dig deep into the natural world and connect us to its changing and rippling effects on Canadian culture. Informing us of the power of diversity and its importance to live in harmony.

A WcoAGS gameboard to launch the Wildflower Child game with AR experiences.
A WcoAGS gameboard to launch the Wildflower Child game with AR experiences.
Analog launch digital. Access a hidden world to connect to the shifting landscape, first peoples and links of mountain culture.

Removing barriers of entry to an engaging story telling experience and appealing to all generations of adopters means that every unique journey gets its own map. No two adventures share the same message and our system pairs technology with appropriate technologies that accentuate the content and place in context. The launch, had to have a novelty and a timelessness while fitting with in technological restrictions.

Wild Flower Child gameboard for collectors and kids of all ages.

Map showing user on trail and choosing the trail of their choice.


Meet our wildfriend friend Cas, you will see more of her family among the trails.

The Red Paintbrush is one of the more distinct and easy to identify for most hikers and outdoors people. We choose this one because often it is the first to greet many hikers, found through out the season this beautiful character presented a challenge. Our goal was to have seasoned flower lovers, sometimes critical of a digital wild flower that one can pick, look at it anew. We ventured into the traditions of herbariums, archival crushed flowers long dead and dusty to reimagine the stories a wild flower could tell us.

Appealing to the trail kid in all of us Cas takes us through the depths we walk past and starts to have us look anew at the natural world.


Hear from local Indigenous peoples with their own content streams celebrating all of their cultural contributions.

Touch and shift Canadian Rockies geology with your fingertips to note the impacts while traveling through time.

Stand in the steps of Wayfinders before us and discover moments that still shape our Canadian culture.

Artifacts of the experience.

Analog Maps embedded with AR content.

Rich Rawlyk