Bring your map to life and learn with your living herbarium.

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To Aspire. Prepare and share is why we created a user focused, trail tested, modern approach to map making to launch our AR channels and games.

Our sustainable Wco Active Guide System is a trail tested analog system, complimented by the best features of books, new modern cartographic approach and fold to the size of your phone. Easy to use on trail these maps feature stone papers so no forest is harmed to print our guides. AR Games and Channels are embedded in our maps and present a system exclusively designed for trail users and the environment they find themselves in.

Existing cartographic conventions originated from a time when nature was not used for recreation, it was seen as something to consume for God, Glory and Gold. Colonial attitudes still exercised by contemporary map makers.

Need: A hiker-centic view of map making.

Mobile data sets mined from the web feature trail information that has never been boot tested. Susceptible to cold and other usability in the outdoors the mobile is not the primary tool in extreme weather or in situations where a bigger picture of where you are is required.

Need: Authentic and contemporary narratives.

Books were never designed for trail users or with sustainability in mind, costly to produce, these publications are quickly outdated in changing environments while remaining in circulation, creating safety issues and eventually adding volumes to our landfills.

Need: A dynamic and waste free solution.

Artifacts of the experience.

Artifacts of the experience.

Analog Maps embedded with AR content.

Rich Rawlyk