Our trail tested Wco Active Guide System.


A sustainable system designed for the trail and tested by trail users, designed to launch AR experiences we considered the base we were building upon first.

Using Rock Paper our maps do not impact precious forest reserves, making the most of our materials our modern maps area easy to use. An analog solution, with tactile qualities allows users options, travel old school in style on trail without a need to be digitally connected or launch an supplement to the trail and create a living gallery of the natural world before you.

Safety on Trail

Represent accurately the dynamic mountain environments and connect to real time road and trail reports.

"For my experience in humanities computing has convinced me that some kinds of knowledge can be better represented in digital formats than they have been in print."
Janet H. Murray
Trail-centric Cartography

Hand drawn, contemporary and simplified hiker-centric maps, easy to follow on trail and inclusive of local first peoples.

Handy Routefinding

Easy to handle on trail, maps folds to size of your smart phone, ready to assist.

Affordable System

Print on demand capabilites allow our guides to be produce at price points that make books obsolete and save money for trails.

Culture in Context

AR allows you to stand in the moments that still ripple through our Canadian identity.

Aspire, Prepare & Share!

A designed system to give a foundation to novice hikers and grow them into expert hikers, building a relationship with information specific grids. Trail testing our Wco AGS allowed us to build a complete Analog and AR pairing tool to enhance the trail experience. Aspire. Prepare & share!

Elevate Knowledge

Content to inform and educate your mountain skills in contextual situations so that the information becomes ingrained in the vocabulary of trail ettiquette.

Analog Solution

More gameboard than map, carry just our guide on trail.

Custom artifacts created.

Endless options for your experiences and users.

Rich Rawlyk