Found our own path to the trail.


Trail time.

The Wayfinder Company was founded in 2017, its origins like most things has a long and varied path. Before we even knew about the Wayfinder, it was about spending time in the outdoors, the mountains, and those places that brought us a sense of adventure. While not an official company all those years ago, little did we know all of these experiences would lead us here. As hikers, backpackers, trekkers, cyclists, and skiers, we have a real passion for finding our way in the outdoors…both literally and figuratively. There is no place we would rather be than hiking the iconic trails of the Canadian Rockies.

The local perspective.

As society evolves the changing landscape of culture spills onto the trail, with roots in our Canadian culture starting on the trail this reciprocal language has influenced us to go directly to the source.

Rich Rawlyk

Founder / Narrative Designer

Rachel Bedet

Mapping / Project Management

Jamie Fenneman

Botanist / Proffesor

Alex Mowat

Naturalist / Guide

Trail Content

Mark Gervais

Motion / Story

Margaret Dahlberg

Sound / Composer

Kathy Fraser

Audio & Voice Director


Roger That

Editor / Author

JL Schmidt

Operations / Admin

Alexa Forriga

Strategy / Marketing

Neil Christensen

XR / Proffesor


Wco Art Dept.

Rich Rawlyk