The Wayfinder Company

The Wayfinder Company was founded in 2017, its origins like most things has a long and varied path. Before we even knew about the Wayfinder. It was about spending time in the outdoors, the mountains, and those places that brought us a sense of adventure. While not an official company all those years ago, little did we know all of these experiences would lead us here. As hikers, backpackers, trekkers, cyclists, and skiers, we have a real passion for finding our way in the outdoors…both literally and figuratively. There is no place we would rather be than hiking the iconic trails of the Canadian Rockies, trekking the high altitudes of the Andes, skiing the vast backcountry of the interior of British Columbia, or cycling the historical roads of Europe. It’s in our DNA.

What We Believe In
It is our belief that we are but a small piece of this large world and we will contribute by creating something that improves the outdoor experience - if we can’t create something new and better, we won’t create it. Secondly we believe a Do No Harm perspective is required,we will tread as lightly as possible on this planet while doing no harm to nature and people.
To give more than we take - we all need a helping hand at some point and we’ll do our best to work with local outdoor initiatives giving back to the places that have already enriched our lives. These beliefs will be a conduit for the Wayfinders of the future, based in an appreciation for the historical Wayfinders who have laid the seeds of exploration, that have inspired us, we want to provide a platform for current and future Wayfinders to live their passions.

What We Do
At The Wayfinder Co. our time is spent researching, testing, and talking with outdoor users across multiple genres. Getting real world feedback is critical to our design process. We don’t want to just design another product. We want to design better products that help our users have better experiences outdoors. After all, better product usually means a better experience. When it comes to our field guides, we may, or may not iterate on our last design. We’re not just trying to sell you the "latest version”. If it makes sense and will create a better product, then, and only then will we release something new. We want our products to stand the test of time. And standing the test of time means less impact on the environment. We create lightweight, durable, packable, and waterproof field guides for heavy use. We have nothing against technology, we embrace it. We just know that when the shit hits the fan, and your battery dies on the trail, having real map on hand will save your ass.